The following facilities are available:

  • Escalators have been provided from the road level to the concourse levels and from the concourse level to platform level for the convenience of passengers
  • Elevators/lifts have been provided at all the metro stations, especially for senior citizens, differently abled passengers etc.
  • Ramps are available right next to the elevators to assist travelers in wheelchairs to access the elevators.
  • Wheelchairs are available on demand at all metro stations to cater to the needs of the passengers.
  • First Aid services are available at all metro stations to cater to the needs of the passengers
  • All stations have washrooms.
  • Drinking water is available at all stations for the convenience of passengers.
  • Real-time updates on train services, timings, disruptions in passenger service, is provided through the PIDs
  • Real-time announcements shall be made through PAS during disruptions in passenger service, emergencies, etc.
  • There are emergency evacuation plan signage at all stations which will assist passengers in terms of information required for evacuation during emergencies.
  • Signage are placed at all metro stations with information about directions, entry and exits, layouts, utilities, etc.
  • Customer care centers are at every station. A passenger can acquire all the required information or assistance from these centers
  • ATMs are at each metro station for the convenience of passengers
  • Various food and beverage facilities are available to passengers at all the metro stations.