Offences & Penalties

Offences & Penalties under Metro Railway ( Operation & Maintenance ) Act, 2002

Section Offence Penalty
59 Drunkenness or nuisance or spitting or sitting on the floor of the train or quarrelling Fine of Rs. 200/- Forfeiture of pass/ticket and removal from carriage
60 Taking offensive materials Fine of Rs. 200/-
62 (i)  Demonstration of any kind upon railway
(ii)  For writing, pasting in the compartment or carriage etc.
(iii)  For refusal to be removed
(i)  Exclusion from attending demonstration
(ii)  Removal from compartment
(iii)  Fine of Rs. 500/-
63 Travelling on roof of train Fine of Rs. 50/- and removal from train
64 Unlawful entry and walking on Metro track Fine of Rs. 150/-
64(1) Unlawful entry (to enter into coach reserved for women) Fine of Rs. 250/-
68 Obstructing officials on duty Fine of Rs. 500/-
69 (i) Travelling without ticket or pass
(ii) Travelling beyond authorized distance
(i) Liable for excess charge of Rs.50/- and maximum fare of system
(ii) Liable to pay difference of fare
70 Interfering with means of communication in train or misusing alarm Fine of Rs. 500/-
72 Defacing Metro properties Fine of Rs. 200/-
73 Unauthorized sale of articles on Metro railway Fine of Rs. 400/-
75 Unauthorized sale ticket Fine of Rs. 200/- and forfeiture of ticket

In case offenders do not pay the fine, they will be handed over to the police for producing them before the Magistrate