Rapid Metro Facts

  • Each train car is provided with four sets of electric bi-parting and sliding plug doors on both sides
  • The train draws power supply from third rail, equipped with 750 V DC
  • Ballast-less track & Flange lubrication system minimizes vibration, noise and air pollution
  • Train speed reduces automatically by ATP/ATC system on curves which further reduces sound during turning
  • Each coach is provided with roof mounted air conditioning system which controls temperature
  • Emergency fans ensure automatic ventilation in saloon
  • Train regenerates power and re-feeds the line during braking. Regenerative braking technology helps reduce carbon emissions and earns valuable carbon credits under UN's Clean Development Mechanism

Technology Partners

Thales Logo

Thales: Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system is provided by Thales, a renowned and a major supplier of telecom and AFC systems for metros.

IL&FS Logo

IL&FS Engineering and Construction Company Limited: Designed and constructed elevated viaducts and the six stations

Seimens Logo

Siemens Mobility: We have partnered with Siemens Mobility for rolling stock, signaling, power & systems integration. Siemens Mobility has equipped the traction power supply with DC 750 V including a third rail system for power collection.