Rapid Metro Stations

Each Rapid Metro station has a Customer Care Helpdesk, lifts and wheelchairs for elderly and people with special needs, facilities like retail outlets, ATMs, food and beverage kiosks.

The architecture of our stations has an aesthetic form and external appearance which is unique, iconic and reflects Gurugram’s identity and character. Our stations are developed to fit in with the identity of their urban neighborhoods. Their sophisticated architecture and designs make them delightful, inspiring and thought provoking for daily commuters as well as an attraction for visitors. They have uniquely shaped lattice roof, covered with state of the art PVDF tensile fabric of Serge Ferrari make which while being modern, invokes the feeling of openness and brightness as well. Rapid Metro stations have an aesthetically designed architectural lighting scheme which lights up the station magnificently in night, making each of the station a landmark in the neighborhood.

  • Traveling with a smart card/ token is valid for 180 minutes after entry.
  • Entry/exit from the same station, the time limit is 20 minutes only.
  • Overstaying beyond above limits will be charged at the rate of Rupees 10 per hour subject to the maximum of rupees 50.
  • In case of mismatch, penalty will be payable as per rules of RMGL. Difference in the Fare is charged in case of travelling beyond the authorized distance.
  • Travelling without the token/card will result in penalty of rupees 50 plus the maximum fare of the system. Carrying token beyond the exit gate is punishable offence and there is a fine of rupees 200 or imprisonment.
  • Tokens/cards are mandatory for kids above 90 cm height
  • The refund of unused token can be done within 60 min of purchase from purchasing station only.
  • No token will be issued to passenger after last token sale time displayed at station.
  • Interchange passengers and smart card holders may kindly confirm 'Last train Timing' as per their travel plan, before entering into system
  • In case the last train is missed, Rapid Metro will not be liable for any reimbursement of the checked in fare
  • Luggage bigger than 60cm(L) X 45cm(B) X 25cm (H) and heavier than 15kg is not permitted
  • Kindly contact Customer Service for any inconvenience regarding token/smart card


Commuter can get refund of only security amount after deduction of processing charge of Rs. 20/-. Security deposit will not be refunded in case of damaged or expired card.

Commuter who deposits their unreadable and physically OK card, then a new card of same value will be given to passengers within 15 days.

Commuter may take refund of his unused token, from customer care center of purchased station only within 60 minutes from purchase.


First trains from Sector 55-56 Station to Sikanderpur Rapid Metro Station, Sikanderpur Rapid Metro to Phase 3 Station and Sikanderpur Rapid Metro Station to Sector 55-56 Station will leave at 06:00 hrs.

Last trains from Sector 55-56 Station to Sikanderpur Rapid Metro Station, Sikanderpur Rapid Metro to Phase 3 Station and Sikanderpur Rapid Metro Station to Sector 55-56 Station will leave at 22:00 hrs.

  » Fare Products : Smart cards and Tokens

Smart Cards: For multiple journeys, a smart card is used. Smart Cards are of two types - Value Card & Tourist Card

  » Value Card: Most convenient for frequent commuters.

  • This card is available in the minimum denomination of Rs 150: Rs 100 travel value and Rs 50 security amount.
  • Minimum add value in the card is Rs 200. After that, it can be recharged in multiples of Rs 100 up to the maximum limit of Rs 3000
  • Validity: Valid till ten years from the date of purchase or recharge
  » Tourist Card: For unlimited rides in a limited duration.
  • Single Day (Rs 150): Rs 100 usable value & Rs 50 security amount.
  • Three Day (Rs 300): Rs 250 usable value & Rs 50 security amount.
  • Only one person can travel on one card at a time
  • Refundable with stipulated conditions
  » Tokens: For a single one way journey
  • Card & Token Counters : For sale and value specification of tokens/cards
  • Card & Token Reader: Use this reader to check available balance and validity details of your card or token.