Station Layouts

For the convenience of our passengers, there are many signage installed to guide you to the entrances and exits. Entrances and exits include staircases, escalators, and elevators from Road Level to Concourse Level and from Concourse Level to the Platform Level and vice versa.

The metro station is divided into two: paid and unpaid area. The unpaid area houses the Ticket Issuing Counters, Customer Care counter and Remaining Value Checking Terminal (RVCTs). Tickets can be purchased to enter the paid area through the AFC gates.

Ticket can be a Token or a Smart card based on your preference. Tokens can be purchased at ticket counters. Smart Cards can be purchased and recharged from customer care.

We provide adequate facilities for differently-abled passengers. These include:

•    Wheelchair on request
•    Wide gates for passengers on wheelchairs
•    Lifts with operation panels installed at a low level
•    The tactile path for the visually impaired.

•    Provision for passenger driver communication
•    Facilities for differently able commuters
•    The doors and windows are strategically located in each car for optimum comfort and convenience of passengers, considering the local ergonomics and required capacity
•    The train is provided with safety features like fire extinguisher, smoke detectors, passenger alarm, CCTV and passenger evacuation system in case of emergencies
•    Train's traction system is provided with feature of Regenerative braking resulting in energy saving.
•    Trains are having electronically controlled door operation with Obstruction detection mechanism.
•    Trains are having HVAC system capable cooling as well as heating in extreme temperature conditions of Gurugram.